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Agricultural Plastics Disposal Pilot Project

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The Northern Caucus of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture and the Northern Ontario Farm Innovation Alliance are collaborating on a three year pilot project (2020-2022) to take used agricultural plastic off-farm and recycle or recover it, managing its end-of-life stewardship.

This pilot will divert plastic from current waste management streams, assess stewardship best management practices and collect data on logistics, contamination and costs.  

The compactor costs $900 each, which includes the compactor itself, shipping to your general area in Northern Ontario and participation in the overall pilot.  We will provide resources and support to help you make a great bale and once you drop off your bale at a centralized location, we will manage the bale from there.  The only cost to you to participate is the initial cost of your compactor and any indirect costs associated with making your bale or dropping it off.  

Please check out additional resources below:

Plastics Factsheet

Plastics Project Brief

On-Farm Participation Information

In case you missed it, here is our recorded webinar from January 18, 2021, breaking down the project, demonstrating the compactor and answering questions.

For more information or to sign up to participate in the pilot, please contact:

Northern Ontario Farm Innovation Alliance

Emily Potter, Executive Director


Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Stephanie Vanthof, Member Service Representative Zone 15 East

Algoma, Cochrane, East Nipissing/Parry Sound, Manitoulin-North Shore/Sudbury West, Muskoka, Temiskaming, West Nipissing/Sudbury East


Or contact your local Federation of Agriculture.

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