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Regional Tile Drainage Program

The 2024 intake for tile drainage projects will open on March 18, 2024

This year's application form is now available. Please review the guidelines carefully to ensure you have all necessary documents before submitting your application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

If your project is included in a consortium, the work must be completed before the project closes (typically within a year of NOHFC project approval). If you fail to complete your project, you jeopardize NOFIA’s ability to deliver this funding and NOFIA reserves the right to exclude you from any future consortium.


The consortium will be structured after the application deadline and you will be notified when your project has been submitted. All 2023 work will be undertaken at your own risk. Costs incurred before they are eligible (date provided once included in a consortium) will not be considered.


NOFIA reserves the right to limit individual acreages within each consortium. If applying for multiple locations, please prioritize locations in your application.

Upon opening of the intake, applications may be submitted via email to, faxed to the office at 705-647-4783, or dropped off in person at 51B Armstrong Street N, New Liskeard.

*2024 tender forms are available upon request

*If you are a corporation, you must apply using your legally registered business name and will be required to submit incorporation documents with your application.

General Guidelines:


  • Applicants must have a Farm Business Registration (or exemption) to apply

  • Individual producers must pay at least 10% of the cost of the project through a cash contribution (savings/operating loan)

  • A portion of the funds applied for will be held until all partners' projects in the consortium are finalized

  • A tendering process must be used for expenses larger than $25,000

  • Work must be completed by a contractor licensed for tile drainage

  • All eligible expenses must be invoiced to a third party

  • Must have access to adequately acceptable drainage


8100060 TD Project: CLOSED

19 producers

2478.6 acres drained

$922,412.06 in funding

8100061 TD/LC Project: CLOSED

21 producers

1,951 acres drained or cleared

$858,636.68 in funding


8100062 TD Project: CLOSED

21 producers

2,593 acres drained

$953,992.72 in funding


8100063 TD/LC Project: CLOSED

27 producers

2,104 acres drained or cleared

$923,940.15 in funding


8100064 TD Project: CLOSED

25 producers

2,353 acres drained

$921,633.94 in funding


8100075 TD/LC Project: CLOSED

25 producers

2,622 acres drained or cleared

$955,363.82 in funding

8100203 TD Project: CLOSED

18 producers

2,220 acres tiled

$813,073.47 in funding

8100204 TD/LC Project: CLOSED

8 producers

580 acres

$257,035.11 in funding

8100272 TD Project: CLOSED

7 producers 

939 acres 

$412,868.39 in funding

8100273 TD/LC Project: CLOSED

21 producers

1,863 acres

$797,672.55 in funding

8100320 TD Project: CLOSED

32 producers

2,190 acres

$911,065.71 in funding

8100383 TD Project: CLOSED

18 producers 

2,327 acres

$760,900.23 in funding

8100406 TD Project: CLOSED

18 producers

1,852 acres

$991,000.00 in funding

8100433 TD Project: CLOSED

11 Producers

1,900 acres

$1,000,000 in funding

8100457 TD Project: CLOSED

15 producers

1,498 acres

$565,635.00 in funding

8100526 TD Project: CLOSED

17 producers

1,786 acres

$743,216.66 in funding

8100527 TD Project: CLOSED

6 producers

1,876 acres

$838,875.84 in funding

7210001 TD Project: CLOSED

14 producers

773 acres

$358,006.62 in funding

7210008 TD Project: CLOSED

 16 producers

 1945 acres

 $875,090.20 in funding

7210011 TD Project: OPEN

 19 producers

 1888 acres

 $945,005.80 in funding

7210012 TD Project: OPEN

 18 producers

 1991 acres

 $1,000,000 in funding

Previous Consortiums

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