Regional Tile Drainage Program

The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation has released new funding for 2021, which includes tile drainage. NOFIA is currently putting together one consortium for this year (approximately 2,000 acres total). If you plan on completing work in 2021, please submit your application IN FULL by May 7, 2021.

All work done in 2021 will be done at your own risk (unless you are included in a previously approved project and have been notified as such). Any projects included in this consortium and not completed by the time the project has closed will not be included in future projects and jeopardize NOFIA’s ability to deliver future consortiums. 

Project applications that are not completed in full will not be considered. Acres that were previously funded for tile drainage or land clearing are not eligible for this funding. If you have any further questions, please contact NOFIA.  

General Guidelines:


  • Applicants must have a Farm Business Registration (or exemption) to apply

  • Individual producers must pay at least 10% of the cost of the project through a cash contribution (savings/operating loan)

  • A portion of the funds applied for will be held until all partners' projects in the consortium are finalized

  • A tendering process must be used for expenses larger than $25,000

  • Work must be completed by a contractor licensed for tile drainage

  • All eligible expenses must be invoiced to a third party

  • Must have access to adequately acceptable drainage


8100060 TD Project: CLOSED

19 producers

2478.6 acres drained

$922,412.06 in funding

8100061 TD/LC Project: CLOSED

21 producers

1,951 acres drained or cleared

$858,636.68 in funding


8100062 TD Project: CLOSED

21 producers

2,593 acres drained

$953,992.72 in funding


8100063 TD/LC Project: CLOSED

27 producers

2,104 acres drained or cleared

$923,940.15 in funding


8100064 TD Project: CLOSED

25 producers

2,353 acres drained

$921,633.94 in funding


8100075 TD/LC Project: CLOSED

25 producers

2,622 acres drained or cleared

$955,363.82 in funding

8100203 TD Project: CLOSED

18 producers

2,220 acres tiled

$813,073.47 in funding

8100204 TD/LC Project: CLOSED

8 producers

580 acres

$257,035.11 in funding

8100272 TD Project: CLOSED

7 producers 

939 acres 

$412,868.39 in funding

8100273 TD/LC Project: CLOSED

21 producers

1,863 acres

$797,672.55 in funding

8100320 TD Project: OPEN

32 producers

2,190 acres

$911,065.71 in funding

8100383 TD Project: CLOSED

18 producers 

2,327 acres

$760,900.23 in funding

8100406 TD Project: APPLIED

18 producers

1,852 acres

$991,000.00 in funding

8100433 TD Project: OPEN

11 Producers

1,900 acres

$1,000,000 in funding

8100457 TD Project: APPLIED

15 producers

1,498 acres

$565, 635.00 in funding

Previous Consortiums