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NOFIA Projects

Below is a summary of projects completed by NOFIA. For more Northern Ontario research, visit our agricultural information hub

2022-2023 Revitatlization is a central information hub for agri-food in Northern Ontario, including district profiles and a research database, managed by NOFIA. NOFIA is currently updating information and revitalizing the web platform to increase user-friendliness and relevancy of information.

Partners: Ontario Agri-Food Research Initiative - Knowledge Translation & Transfer


Agricultural Labour Attraction Strategy for the FNETB Region

An initiative led by the Far Northeast Training Board (FNETB) to showcase agriculture as a viable career and business option in the districts of Temiskaming and Cochrane, creation of a promotional video to highlight opportunities in agriculture.

Partners: Far Northeast Training Board, City of Temiskaming Shores, OMAFRA, Northeast Community Network, MND, FedNor


Horticulture Technology Roadmap for Reducing Labour Chlallenges in Northern Ontario

Development of a technology roadmap to communicate the short-, mid- and long-term outlook for horticulture crop production in Northern Ontario.

Partners: Vineland Research & Innovation Centre


Watershed Characterization of Agricultural Activities - Lake of the Woods Basin

An environmental scan of agricultural activities and management practices in the Canadian portion of the Rainy River-Lake of the Woods Basin

Partners: Environment & Climate Change Canada


Expanding ConnectON to Northern Ontario

Developing an understanding of agricultural assets across Northern Ontario by gathering data and creating a map to quickly identify gaps and opportunities in the agri-food supply chain.

Partners: Golden Horseshoe Food & Farming Alliance, Northern Policy Institute, Canadian Agricultural Partnership


Winter Barley Survivability

Assessing winter barley as a cover crop (establishment, winter survivability, yield potential) in northern climates

Partners: University of Guelph


Fields to Forks: Northeastern Ontario

NOFIA coordinated a Fields to Forks campaign to showcase the importance of agriculture in Northern Ontario during the pandemic. The campaign was promoted through digital, radio and television and highlighted various farming operations in Northeastern Ontario.

Partners: Ontario Federation of Agriculture, Bioenterprise, CTV


Priaxor Fungicide on Alfalfa Trial

An assessment of the effect of Priaxor fungicide product, intended to protect Alfalfa against fungal leaf diseases.

Partners: West Nipissing/East Sudbury Soil & Crop Improvement Association, TECC Agriculture LTD

2020 - 2021

Barriers to OSCIA-Delivered Program Partnership Participation in Northern Farming Communities

Study of the barriers to OSCIA-delivered program partnership participation in Northern Ontario, gathering insight into why there is lower uptake across the north of these programs and development of recommendations to create better program access.

Partners: Canadian Agricultural Partnership, Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association

2020 - 2021

COVID-19 and the Agricultural Sector in Northern Ontario

Study of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the agricultural industry in Northern Ontario to identify challenges and opportunities, as well as help make informed recommendations on future projects and initiatives.

Partners: Collège Boréal, ReThink Green, Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council, Rural Agri-Innovation Network

2020 - 2022

End-of-Life Management for Agricultural Plastic in Northern Ontario

Development of a plastics disposal framework and coordination of plastic compaction, aggregation and shipment to the end user, BBL Energy.

Partners: Canadian Agricultural Partnership, Ontario Federation of Agriculture Northern Caucus

2019 - 2021

Livestock Emergency Preparedness Along the Highway 11 Corridor

Development of an emergency livestock response plan and delivery of training workshops to first responders of municipalities located along the highway 11 corridor from North Bay to Thunder Bay

Partners: Canadian Agricultural Partnership, Northern Producer Animal Health Network, Collège Boréal

2018 - 2020

Improving Malting Barley Yields & Quality in Northern Climates

Assessing several varieties of malting barley relative to location-specific needs in Northern Ontario, determining optimum rates of nitrogen and sulphur application to improve grain yield and malt quality, and quantifying the economic value of improved yields and management practices by assessing return on investment of optimal rates of nitrogen and sulphur

Partners: Canadian Agricultural Partnership, Grain Farmers of Ontario, Rural Agri-Innovation Network, Emo Agricultural Research Station, Lakehead University Agricultural Research Station, New Liskeard Agricultural Research Station, OMAFRA

2018 - 2020

Effects of AgTiv Mycorrhizal Inoculant on Potatoes and Cereal Crops

Determining whether the use of a mycorrhizal inoculant will improve yields and crop quality in Northern Ontario, leading to increased profits for farmers

Partners: West Nipissing/East Sudbury and Sudbury Soil & Crop Improvement Associations, Northeastern Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association, Collège Boréal, TECC Agriculture Ltd., Valley Growers

2018 - 2019

Winter Cattle Feeding Trial

Assessing the economic implications of keeping a cow over the winter in Northeastern Ontario

Partners: Temiskaming & Cochrane beef farmers

2017 - 2019

Deadstock Disposal Vessel Assessment

Examining the potential for the use of deadstock disposal vessels in Northern Ontario

Partners: OMAFRA, Reidridge Farms

2017 - 2019

Surface Applied Lime on Pasture

Examining the potential of surface applied lime to improve soil pH and pasture growth

Partners: Temiskaming Community Pasture, Temiskaming Crops Coalition

2017 - 2019

Economics of Hops in Northern Ontario

Assessing the potential of a number of hops varieties in Northern Ontario and supporting further hops applied research in Rainy River

Partners: OMAFRA, EARS


Applied Agricultural Research in Northern Ontario

Report outlining the current state of agricultural research in Northern Ontario, potential future research themes and future steps to create a stable, sustainable framework for Northern research.

Partner: OMAFRA


Plastics Disposal Assessment

Developing an inventory of agricultural plastic waste generated in Northern Ontario and assessing end-use options

Partners: OMAFRA, Envise


Rail Infrastructure Assessment

Assessing the current and potential distribution capacity of the Highway 11 corridor from Nipissing to Cochrane and develop a modular plan for a rail siding facility to efficiently service the area

Partners: Koch Farms & Agri-Sales, Grant Farms, Co-op Regional, Township of Armstrong, FedNor, NOHFC


Drone Land Assessment with Story Environmental

Assessing the feasibility of using drone technology to monitor crops to make better management decisions in Northern Ontario

Partners: Story Environmental Inc., Grant Ag


Indigenous Foods & Medicines Project

Assessing the types of foods and medicines used by the Indigenous communities in the Rainy River District to determine future crop trials at EARS

Partners: OMAFRA, Rainy River Development Corporation, EARS

2015 - 2018

Biomass Demonstration

Economic analysis of switchgrass & reed canary yields (mulch end user)

Partners: Northaven Farms

2015 - 2017

Rapid Development of Forest to Farmland

Examining the impact of forestry mulching on crop potential, developing a business case to assess various methods of land clearing (ROI, best management practices, etc.)

Partners: Ontario Soil & Crop Association, Temiskaming Crops Coalition, Cochrane Soil & Crop, GB Equipment, William Runnalls, Carl Dodds, Jason Desrochers


Land Clearing Reference Guide

Examines 4 stages of land clearing and provides the when, how, why, approximate costs and things to consider.

Partners: Growing Forward 2, Ontario Soil & Crop Association

2016 - 2017

Malting Barley, Canola, Wheat & Flax Trials

Examing varieties & management techniques for various crops in Thunder Bay

Partners: TBARS, Canada Malting Company, Richardson International


Oat Cover Crop

Examining the potential of oat cover crop used as animal feed/biomass

Partners: NLARS


Forage Digestibility 

To identify forage varieties that have good winter survivability and testing the yields of these forages throughout the growing season.

2016 - 2017

Northern Ontario Dairy Processing Strategy

Development of a strategic plan to build resiliency and add value to the dairy processing system in Northern Ontario

Partners: Northern Dairy Processing Committees, Scotiabank, EastGen, FedNor, NOHFC


Northern Beekeeping Course Development

Developing a beekeeping course specific to Northern climates to be piloted in the Rainy River District

2015 - 2016

Intensive Oat Management

Examining the effects of fertility on oats & mechanisms to mitigate lodging concerns.

Partners: NLARS, Pepsico Quaker, BASF, GFO, EngageAgro, Syngenta, Canterra Seeds


Yellow Mustard

Examining management techniques (nitrogen, fungicide, insecticide) to push yields of yellow mustard, an alternative crop for Northern Ontario

Partners: NLARS, GS Dunn, P&H


Year Round Grazing Workshops

Hosting two 3-day workshops (Rainy River, New Liskeard) to extend the grazing season and help build better profit centres, Steve Kenyon to lead

Partners: Rainy River Cattleman's, Beef Farmers of Temiskaming, Growing Forward 2


Industrial Hemp Variety Development

Development of tissue culture protocols to facilitate quicker generation of elite varieties of industrial hemp suited to Northern Ontario

Partners: NLARS, PhytoGene Resources, Growing Forward 2 

2017 - 2019

Northeast Bites

Developing recipes using Northern ingredients and Northern chefs to showcase at a number of events and build marketing capacity

Partners: FedNor, South Temiskaming Community Futures Development Corporation, City of Temiskaming Shores, Building Ties Temiskaming


A Day in Farm Country

Annual self-guided car tour of Temiskaming farms


Northeastern Crop Caravan

Hosting a series of crop tours & workshops across Northeastern Ontario to connect producers to 4 OMAFRA specialists

Partners: Northeastern Ontario Soil & Crop Association 



Developed an agricultural information hub to connect people with information related to agriculture in Northern Ontario

Partners: OMAFRA, Northern Caucus of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, RAIN, NECN, Cloverbelt Local Food Coop, Growing Forward 2


Fababeans in Northern Ontario

Galega (English | French)

Haskap (English | French)

SAMCO (English)

Compost Bedding (English)

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