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  • Emily Potter, Executive Director

Soil Mapping in Northern Ontario

Field specific agricultural landscape maps for much of Northern Ontario have not been developed by OMAF/MRA – in 2013, the Ontario AgRI mobile mapping tool was used to examine and map approximately 82,000 hectares within Powassan, Sturgeon Falls, Chelmsford and Temiskaming Shores. Powassan was dominated by forage crops and pasture land, with some grain fields. Sturgeon Falls has a much more diverse cropping system with grain, canola corn and soybeans. Chelmsford included pastureland, forage and grain throughout with potato crops and ‘not farmed’ fields as well. Pastureland, forages, grain crops and canola were distributed throughout Temiskaming Shores. Based on these observations, a ground-truth data set was developed and will be used for future remote sensing projects. Please see the attached for further information.

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