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Breaking Through the Social Media Noise

With excerpts from Josh DeVries, speaker at NOAC2019

Social media provides the opportunity for a business to directly interact with their customers. The higher the interaction, the greater the ability to have great community and customer relations and to build your brand. But with so many different platforms and with so much content, it can be difficult to get your content in front of the right people in an effective way.

Twitter is a great platform for networking with a broader audience and staying up-to-date and informed, but with a tweet life of about an hour, is less about making social connections. Facebook provides a more personal look into a business and can create more personal relationships with consumers. However, with its high number of users, it can feel less exclusive and users can often be bombarded with ad content. Platforms such as Instagram tend to skew towards a younger audience and are useful for phots, videos and stories showcasing day-to-day activities.

Social Media Strategies:

  • Post over multiple networks with different content to reach different audiences

  • Post content that is contextual to your audience, content that is personal, genuine and relatable

  • Responding to comments can help open lines of communication with your audience and build your brand

  • Personalize your responses based upon comment content

  • Figure out what works for your audience on each platform and stay on top of posting & commenting without being pushy

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