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Northern Producers Survey

The Northern Ontario Farm Innovation Alliance (NOFIA) has partnered with the Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA) to conduct a study to determine the barriers to OSCIA-delivered program participation in Northern Ontario. Over the past few years, OSCIA has noticed lower participation numbers within these programs, such as workshops (Environmental Farm Plan, Growing Your Farm Profits, Biosecurity) and funding (Canadian Agricultural Partnership producer streams). The goal of the study is to determine the barriers to participation and develop recommendations to better serve northern farming communities with these programs. 

As part of the study, NOFIA is conducting a survey to gather insight on the program and help develop recommendations to better improve OSCIA's program delivery.


In addition to this survey, there will be opportunities for participants to provide input on the Partnership in one-on-one interviews and/or round-table discussions. At the end of this survey participants will have the opportunity to provide contact information to be notified about these discussions. All personal information recorded will be kept confidential.


A full report of the findings of this project will be made available in early 2021. If you have any questions or concerns about this survey or the project in general, you can contact NOFIA at or 705-647-4782

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